Paid Consultations versus Free Consultations

If you have been working with brides very long you have undoubtedly been frustrated with brides that don’t show up to scheduled consultations or brides that are only price shopping.  Either situation could make feel like you should be charging at least a nominal amount for consultations. Here are some pros and cons of charging for consultations.



Brides are more likely to show up.

Even if you call to confirm and send text or email reminders sometimes brides get busy, forget or simply just aren’t ready to meet and fail to show up to a scheduled appointment if they have no skin in the game.

It’s a way to qualify your leads.

If a bride is willing to put up $25, $50 or $100 (or a per hour fee) they are a much better lead than the bride who may not be ready to book for whatever reason.

Bye-bye price shoppers!

Charging a consultation fee will nearly eliminate all the price shoppers. Unless the budget bride is your specialty then that’s something we can all celebrate.


You may schedule less consultations.

If a bride is not familiar with your work they may be hesitant to give you money upfront and refuse to schedule a consultation.

Local market may not support it.

Unless it’s common in your area, the simple suggestion of charging for a consultation might turn away brides.


Time is precious and anything you can do to eliminate time wasters is worth consideration. Charging a consultation fee will not work for every florist but if it can work for your business then go for it!

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