As a florist that specializes in weddings and events, it didn’t take me long to realize pricing out weddings was an incredibly inefficient use of my time. Between checking pricing with different wholesalers, creating recipes, doing all the math and finally creating a quote, it would take two or more weeks to get quotes sent to my customers. I thought “there has to be a better way!” and that’s how my wedding and event system was born.
I spent months entering flower pricing from 10+ wholesalers to get the most accurate pricing data created in the system.  I used this system for years which gave me a huge step up on my competitors.  I was able to produce quotes during meeting with clients while other florists took weeks to provide a quote.  It was a big time saver! I was no longer price checking or doing any math.  All the recipes were created during my consultations and at the end of the consultation, I was able to make recipe adjustments to fit the clients budget.  As a result, my profits soared.  I was charging fair prices, booking a higher percent of clients and my designers and clients were both happy.
After much tweaking and the desire to have features beyond my development expertise I finally had an application professionally developed.  It’s simple, clean and easy to use.  I love the new application and I know you will too.