Creating an Experience for Brides

Wedding Image

Weddings are emotional.  Throughout the process there are many positive emotions between the couple, family and friends and likely a handful of negative emotions as well. Couples are engaged, planning weddings and meeting with us as vendors due to emotions.  Creating an outstanding experience for brides plays into these emotions and increases your chances of booking your bride even if you are above their budget.



Here are a few areas to focus on to help create the experience your brides will fall in love with.

Social Media

Social Media is one of the primary ways brides get ideas and find wedding vendors.  Having a regularly updated account with beautiful wedding photos is crucial and will likely be one of the first experiences a bride has with you.  Freshen up your photography skills and make sure your flowers are showing their best side.


Your website will likely be the second stop for brides.  A poorly designed website with broken links and minimal pictures will not create the experience and emotions your bride desires. Run a broken link checker or spend the time going through your website and testing everything to make sure it works. Links can get broken without you even knowing about it.

As with social media, a lot of attention should be placed on beautiful wedding photos.  I like to keep track of the photographer on every wedding and ask the photographers for pictures following the wedding. The photographers are often excited to send pictures knowing that we give them credit on our website. This has given us hundreds of different pictures to choose from and we select the best to have on our website.

During the Consultation

The consultation is the most obvious time to create an outstanding experience.  Make sure your space is clean, organized and beautifully decorated to fit your style. Brides don’t want to see dust bunnies in the corner or stacks of paperwork on your desk.  You wouldn’t want to eat at a dirty restaurant and brides don’t want to buy flowers for their big day from a disorganized florist.

As florists we know how important design is. Have a set meeting space for brides and don’t overlook the area.  Display pictures, vessels, and wedding décor but don’t get the area too cluttered and overwhelming for the stressed bride.  The décor should fit your design style – i.e. if your preferred style is a natural garden arrangement then don’t have a modern meeting area with lots of glass and shiny metal finishes.  Instead opt for wood, concrete and natural finishes.

It’s a good idea to have bottles of water and candies in the meeting area and offer them at the start of the consultation. Even better, if you do a lot of consultations, provide a complimentary champagne bar with assorted juices and fruit.


We hope this gives you some areas to focus on to create a better experience for your bride. We would love to hear what you have done to create a unique experience.  Share in the comments below!