Socko Florist is the cutting edge florist wedding and event software built specifically to save you time and help you efficiently manage your wedding and event clients.

Create wedding and event proposals that make sense for you today and set you up for success tomorrow.  The application is built for florists so we kept you and your needs in mind throughout the entire process.  Create, email and print proposals and contracts, collect manage event payments, track profits, email clients statements, print and email flower shopping lists, quickly generate recipes and more, all in one place

Accurate Proposals

Quickly create recipes and provide accurate proposals with confidence.

Unlimited Proposals

Create unlimited number of proposals for your clients and your business. Completely unlimited.

Collect Payments

Connect to your Paypal account, send money request and collect payments.

Track Profits

Track profitability by event and view charts to get a quick visual of performance for specific time periods.

Upload Photos

Upload inspiration photos for each arrangement.

Event Tracking

Quickly glance at what events are coming up quickly and the status of each.

Work Anywhere

Create and edit proposals anywhere that has an internet connection. Socko Florist software is optimized for most devices, including iOS, Android, PC, and Mac.

Size Guide

The size guide is a great “gut check” to make sure you are not shorting yourself on flowers.

Easy Ordering

Quickly email your flower list to your favorite wholesalers.  No more counting the number of stems needed or making an estimated guess on how many bunches you should order.

Monthly Pricing Tables

We have been collecting pricing for years from large flower markets, small wholesalers and grower direct to calculate the most accurate arrangement pricing.


Customize the application to fit your business.  Select the markup, labor charge, and delivery and setup percentages that are right for your shop. Add your logo and shop information to the top of your proposals and order sheets.  You have the ability to manage all the details including detail flower pricing, vase and arrangement pricing.

After your free trial, Socko Florist is just $39 per month.

Cancel anytime.


  • Save Time

    No more price checking, calculating arrangement prices or counting stems by hand.

  • Increase Profitability

    Price guessing can be costly and in the end can kill your bottom line.

  • Beautiful Proposals

    Create personalized proposals with the option to easily add beautiful photos of the client’s selections.  This is also a great tool to remind designers of the client’s style.

  • Book More Events

    Provide client with a quote while you are meeting with them and collect the deposit before they even leave the store.

  • Fast Setup

    Getting started is easy. Create your account and start generating quotes within minutes.

After your free trial, Socko Florist is just $39 per month.

Cancel anytime.